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Furuno FS-2570

Furuno  FS-2570
Quality and reliability of Furuno remain at a high level. In 2012 the company received a certificate Furuno RMRS radoustanovki on  FS-2570 (250W). This MF / HF stations for GMDSS and commercial communications. In addition to conventional telephony in these commercial stations implemented function DSC (Digital Selective Calling) for commercial communications and DSC Watch receiver running on all distress and safety frequencies in MF and HF bands.

FS-2570 support the continuous monitoring of the Call for disasters even during commercial radiotelephone exchange. DSC receiver can be built on a specific frequency channel, or can automatically scan all selected frequency channels. When receiving a DSC message station incorporates sound and light alarm.

FS-2570 work on the allowed for transmission frequencies in the range between 1.6 and 27.5 MHz.

The frequencies of the receiver can be selected in the range from 100 kHz to 30 MHz in steps of 10 Hz. Transmission and reception frequencies can be adjusted individually or in pairs. Digital frequency synthesizer provides high frequency stability for DSC mode, BOR and telephone.

The compact housing allows for flexible and compact plants in the console.

Additionally supplied: Remote panic button, remote detector for receiving a call, an external remote controller handling the distress message, etc.Additionally, the unit can be integrated Transceiver Radioteleksny modem that meets the requirements of the GMDSS for area A3 and A4 and allowing to process official and commercial correspondence.


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Chart data

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