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Icom IC-M802

Icom IC-M802
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Marine board HF radio Icom IC-M802 has a range from 0.5 to 30 MHz and is equipped with a module for digital signal processing. The modular design of IC-M802 expands installation. 
Icom IC-M802 consists of three units - front panel, base unit and an external speaker. The front panel is a large 9-line display and control keys. Loudspeaker output level attains to 150 watts. 
2-tone alarm signal can be transmitted on 2182 kHz by pressing a single button 'Alarm'. To prevent accidentally pressing it closed protective cover with the spring. 
Key features: 
  • HF support email. 
  • Built-in digital call (DSC, ITU class E). 
  • Robust design: the station is assembled from high quality components arranged on a solid one-piece cast aluminum chassis is designed to work long hours under difficult conditions; 
  • Transmitter power 150 W: aluminum chassis and forced air cooling allow the transmission of radio work for a long time; 
  • All types of modulation used in professional HF communications: J3E, H3E, J2B, F1B, R3E, A1A; 
  • Large alphanumeric display; 
  • Automatic adjustment to the transmitting antenna when using the new optional antenna tuner AT-140. 
Specifications Icom IC-M802: 
  • HF range 0,5-29 MHz 
  • Power - 150/60/20 W 
  • 1355 memory channels (160 programmable) 
  • Modulation - SSB, AFSK, FSK, CW, AM (reception) 
  • Current consumption Tx - 30A / Rx - 3.0A 
  • Power Audio - 4 watts (4 ohms) 
  • NMEA 0183 version 3.01 
  • Suppression band emissions - 70 dB 
  • Spurious - less than -62 dB 
  • Carrier suppression is not less than 40 dB

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