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Vertex VX-1400

Vertex VX-1400
  • RMRS
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Vertex VX-1400 - is a compact on-board marine HF radio, which has a complete set of features to ensure high-quality communication. The stability of the station is provided by a solid body construction and enhanced cooling system. 
The radio Vertex VX-1400 provides high-quality connection and great clean sound, thanks to the digital signal processing and embedded squelch. ALE function allows you to automatically establish connections and serve as the perfect solution for organizations that need to be backed, alternative communication channel with the case of communication failure. If necessary, secure communication in a radio station has a function of voice encryption. 
Model VX-1400 has 7 programmable keys with lock function, facilitate the use of the radio station. Required information is displayed on a large monochrome display with backlight. The radio has a built-in GPS and an input jack for data transfer to other devices. 
  • Diapazon chastotu MHz: TX 30 kHz - 30 MHz RX 1,6 -30 MHz 
  • Kolichestvo kanalov: 512 
  • Pitanie: poct tok 13.8 ± 15% 
  • Shag sintezatora chastotu: 10 Hz 
  • Diapazon NA Working temperatur: from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C. 
  • Stabilnoct chastotu, ppm: ± 0,5 
  • Potreblyaemy current: TX otsutstvie signaled: RX 1A max: 23A 
  • Vhodnoe soprotivlenie Antennas: 50 Ohms 
  • Gabarity: 178mm x 60mm x 268 mm 
  • Ves, kg: 3.4