Icom IC-M801 GMDSS

Icom IC-M801 GMDSS
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Radiotelephone Icom IC-M801 has a range of MF / HF and, due to its characteristics, is fully consistent with the GMDSS requirements for commercial fleets. Icom IC-M801 DSC module is equipped with a Class A version IC-M801GMDSS has a built in DC-DC converter to power the transceiver from a source with a voltage of 24 V DC. 
All blocks radio station Icom IC-M801 made in durable Weatherproof pkorpusah. To visualize the necessary information station is equipped with a 9-line LCD display with a bright, multi-level lighting. It is also possible connection to the printer or telex terminal for GMDSS versions. 
Icom IC-M801 GMDSS programmed to welcome 1195 international channels + 160 channels can be programmed by the user. Built-in noise reduction ensures clear sound and high-quality voice communications even in the most difficult conditions. Radiotelephone Icom IC-M801 provides increased safety of navigation. 
Specifications Icom IC-M801 GMDSS: 
Frequency range, 0.5-30 MHz MHz 
Transmitter output power, W 85 W Vt/125 
Number of Channels 1205 
Food 12/24 V. 
Size 220x110x84.4 mm 
Weight control block -570, the main unit - 8500 g

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