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Furuno FS-5075

Furuno FS-5075
  • RMRS
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Furuno FS-5075 - MF / HF radio receiver with built-in DSC. It is intended for marine use as an additional GMDSS equipment. Suitable for use on ships navigating in areas A3, A4. The station is fully consistent with the requirements of SOLAS and ITU recommendations for digital selective calling system for use in the maritime mobile service.


Furuno FS-5075 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


Furuno FS-5075 is equipped with a high-contrast 4.3-inch bright color LCD display (480x272 pixel resolution). The radio station is made in a robust, reliable and weatherproof housing, which prevents occurrence of damage. Dimensions of the device allows installation in any console. All necessary information is displayed. Integrated function of maintaining a constant tracking of emergency calls.

The package includes:

  • Transceiver unit (FS-5075T-E),
  • The control unit (FS-5075C-EA),
  • Telephone (HS-2003)
  • DUB15-5P-L Cable
  • Antenna coupler (AT-5075)
  • Complete instructions (Rus. / Eng.).

The radio station transmits messages of distress, safety and regular messages. Furuno FS-5075 has a convenient control: using the numeric keypad to quickly access the functions assigned to work with the menu. Built-in DSC receiver is designed to keep track of all distress and safety frequencies in the MF / HF.



  • Output power - 500 W PEP (HF) / 400 W PEP (MF)
  • Power - 24 VDC, VAC 100/110/120/200/220/240
  • Display - 4.3 'bright color LCD (480x272 pixels)
  • Communication mode - simplex / half duplex
  • Frequency range - RX: 100 kHz to 29999.99kHz, TX: 1605.0kHz in 27500.0kHz
Certificate RMRS

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