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Vertex VX-1700

Vertex VX-1700 is a universal HF radio station intended for organizing long-distance mobile radio communications. VX-1700 can be used not only as a mobile radio station, but also as a base station, allowing to organize complex radio communication at short distances with minimal expenses.

Vertex VX-1700 can store up to 200 channels and split them into five groups with any number of channels in a group. Each programmed channel can be assigned a 6-digit alphanumeric designation, which greatly accelerates and simplifies the management of calls. The VX-1700 supports six communication modes:

  • SELCALL (selective call)
  • TELCALL (phone call)
  • Message Call (for text messaging)
  • Position Request Call
  • Position Send Call and Beacon Request
  • Call (to check the signal quality).

The choice of channels is carried out depending on the requirements of the user.

The VX-1700 has 4 programmable keys, a noise reduction mechanism, and a number of the following functions: CW Semi break-in function, CW Sidetone function, VOX function. Dual Watch mode allows, on a single channel, to periodically monitor another recorded channel. This function is especially useful in emergency situations, when it is very important that no call is missed.


  • Receiver frequencies 0.03-30 MHz
  • Transmitter frequencies 1.6-30 MHz
  • Modulation of J3E, H3E: PSN modulator
  • A3E: low-level
  • Number of channels 200
  • Step of the channel grid 10/100/1000 Hz
  • Power supply 13.8 V
  • Consumption current
  • reception 1.5 A
  • transmission 20 A (125 W)
  • Frequency stability ± 4ppm (1-60 min.)
  • ± 1ppm (> 60 min)
  • The impedance of the antenna is 50 Ω
  • Temperature range -10 ° C ... + 50 ° C
  • Overall dimensions 241x99x285 mm
  • Weight with battery, antenna and clip 4.3 kg


  • Intermediate frequencies 1st: 45.274 MHz
  • 2nd: 24 kHz
  • IF suppression 80 dB
  • Coefficient of mirror interference 80 dB
  • The audio output power is 2.2 W on a load of 8 Ω,
  • nonlinear distortion <10%
  • Resistance of audio output 4-16 Ohm


  • The output power is 125 W (A1A / J2B / J3E 1.6-3.9 MHz)
  • 100 W (A1A / J2B / J3E 4.0-29.9 MHz)
  • 31 W AM Carrier (A3E 1.6-3.9 MHz)
  • 25 W AM Carrier (A3E 4.0-29.9 MHz)
  • 31 W AM Carrier (A3E 2.182 MHz)
  • Carrier suppression 50 dB
  • Suppression of unwanted sideband 60 dB
  • The impedance of the microphone is 200-10000 Ohm

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