NSR NHR-1500

NSR NHR-1500
NSR NHR-1500
NSR NHR-1500
NSR NHR-1500

The NSR NHR-1500 DSC MF/HF Marine Radio is an effective maritime radio communication tool that allows you to select the best frequency depending on the external conditions to ensure the greatest transmission range in ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship communications. The NHR-1500 radio model from the Chinese manufacturer New Sunrise (NSR) allows both voice communication and communication using the DSC class A digital selective calling (DSC class A) functionality. MF/HF radio complies with the standard set of requirements for MF/HF DSC set by IEC, ITU (ITU-R M.493-13, IEC 61097-7, IEC 61097-3, IEC 60945) and IMO, can be part of the airborne package GMDSS equipment for vessels of navigation areas A2, A3 and A4.

The NHR-1500 MF/HF radio works in simplex and half-duplex modes in a wide range of MF/HF-range frequencies: for transmission - 1605.0 - 27500.0 kHz, for reception - 100.0 - 29999.99 kHz, with the number of working channels 300+. The radio provides an envelope power (pep) of 150 W for transmitting and a receiving sensitivity of ≤ 13 dB * μV for 1.6-4 MHz and ≤ 7 dB * μV for 4-29.99999 MHz (radiation class J3E). Digital selective calling equipment operates on the frequencies 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312.0, 8414.5, 12577.0 and 16804.5 kHz.

The DSC NHR-1500 MF/HF radio comes standard with a powerful transceiver with a cooling system, an antenna switching device, a controller, a handset (PTT), and a set of cables and accessories. Optionally, the NHR-1500 radio can be supplemented with an NPT-100 printer, an NBDP-terminal NBD-100 (NBDP telex), an external speaker NSK-100, a Tx / Rx NHA100 transceiver antenna and a DSC Rx NHA200 receiving antenna, an NPS-300 power supply , active antenna with NHA200A preamplifier. The controller and transceiver are IP22 protected against water penetration, the antenna switch is IP66. The controller is equipped with a large 7-inch color touch screen, as well as LAN and RS422 interfaces (GPS input). The NSR NHR-1500 MF/HF radio can operate within a temperature range of minus 25 to plus 55°C for external components and from minus 15 to plus 55°C for internal components.

MF/HF (MF/HF) marine radio equipment with DSC (DSC) class A functionality NSR NHR-1500 is an element of the GMDSS designed to increase the level of safety on the ship through timely communication with other ships or coastal services. Radio station NHR-1500 manufactured by NSR has exceptional reliability due to the block structure and engineering solutions used in its design, an attractive controller (control unit) with a contrast display and ergonomic controls, is distinguished by high-quality voice information transceiver and stable DSC operation, while buying MF / HF - The NHR-1500 radio is available at an affordable price, since the policy of the Chinese NSR Corporation is to provide customers with marine equipment with an extremely attractive price-quality ratio.

Main characteristics
Frequency range 100.0 - 29999.99 kHz / 1605.0 - 27500.0 kHz (receive / transmit)
Number of channels 300+
Output Power 150W pep (End)
Supply voltage 220 V AC / 24 V DC
Operating temperature -15…+55 °C / -25…+55 °C (for indoor/outdoor devices)
Waterproof IP22 (control unit, transceiver) / IP66 (antenna switch)
DSC channel 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312.0, 8414.5, 12577.0, 16804.5 MHz
Receive Sensitivity ≤13dB*µV (1.6-4.0MHz, J3E), ≤7dB*µV (4.0-29.99999MHz, J3E)
Display 7” LCD color touch screen
Communication type Simplex / half duplex
Emission class J3E, H3E, A1A, F1B
Antenna impedance 50 ohm
Interfaces LAN, RS422 in. GPS

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NSR NHR-1500

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