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Icom IC-78

Icom IC-78
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Icom IC-78  - the best station for 'riverine'. Suitable for area A2 and has a certificate of PPP.

 IC-78 for 100 W output  power, providing the ability to deliver information  to the most remote locations. The radio  is made  in  one-piece cast aluminum housing  combined with  a large  heat sink, helping  to keep the internal temperature at the minimum value, even if the work in the transfer . Compact size 240 (W) x  95 (H) x 239 (D) mm and is an elementary setting makes this an indispensable station.


 IC-78 is equipped with a large  LCD  with backlight and also displays the frequency or channel number as well as a programmable meter indicating the received signal level, output power, VSWR . Has a minimum number of switches  and controls .


 The radio has a manual input frequency VFO for transmission and reception.  Keyboard with which usual frequency or channel number is located on the front panel.   Available 99 duplex channels  for storing individual transmit and  receive frequency in the memory, it is also possible to assign each channel its symbolic name (8 characters) . Excellent sound quality, provided by a built-in speaker.  Additional IF filter can be installed in  the transceiver, providing bandwidths of 5,  selectable in SSB, CW and RTTY  modes . At the station there is automatic noise reduction that is designed to  eliminate  interference in the air.  In addition to controlling noise reduction is present  RF gain control 


 To maintain the stability of the parameters is a cooler. For use in data transmission or telex terminals provides a connector for connecting external modems. Transceiver has a port for programming and management.


Frequency Range: Admission: 0.03 - 30 MHz 
Transmission: 1,6-30 MHz
Modulation Type: USB, LSB, CW, RTTY (FSK), AM
Number of Channels: 99 (1 ringer)
Power supply: 13.8
Temperature range standard: -10:. +60 ° C.
Temperature Range (with CR-338): -30:. +60 ° C.
Dimensions: 240 x 95 x 239 mm
Weight: 3.8 kg
Output: can vary from 2 to 100 W
Carrier suppression: - 40 dB
Level-band emission: -50 DB
Suppression of spurious radiation side: - 46dB
Sensitivity: SSB, RTTY, CW: 0,16 uV (12 dB S / N) (1.6 - 30 MHz, preamp on);  
AM: 13 uV (10 dB S / N, 0.5 - 1.6 MHz);  
2 uV (10 dB S / N, 1.6 - 30 MHz, Preamp. incl.)
Selectivity: SSB, RTTY, CW: not less than 2.1 kHz / -6 dB no more than 4.5 kHz / -60 dB  
AM: not less than 6.0 kHz / -6 dB, not more than 20 kHz / -40 dB
Sensitivity at a closed W / P: 5.6 mV (SSB)
Intermodulation selectivity: -70 DB
Audio Output: 2.0 W


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Factory acceptance tests

Factory acceptance tests

Commissioning is the process of fine-tuning the installed equipment so that it works correctly and performs its functions. They are carried out in stages, starting from the manufacturer's workshop, where important equipment is checked before being sent to the shipyard. These checks carried out by the manufacturer are called Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). They confirm that the equipment was in order when it left the shop.