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Furuno FS-1575

Furuno FS-1575
  • RMRS
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Furuno FS-1575 is a reliable MF / HF radio for general use and Distress. MF / HF radio Furuno FS-1575 has a bright, high-contrast color LCD display 4.3-inch (480x272 pixels). There are several display configurations, as well as night mode (white text on a black background of the display) for the wheelhouse. Instant selection of 256 custom channels is equipped with a rotary knob or direct keyboard input. Quick access to DSC messages are available using the special keys on the control unit.


Furuno FS-1575 is fully consistent with the GMDSS requirements for ships operating in sea areas A3 and A4. MF / HF radio Furuno FS-1575 has a quick access to the messages of the DSC using the assigned buttons on the control unit.



  • Power output: 150 W
  • Frequency range: transmission: 1605.0kGts - 27500.0kGts, 100kHz reception - 29999.99kGts
  • Communication mode: simplex / half duplex
  • Class of emission: J3E, H3E, A1A, J2B
  • 4.3 'bright color LCD display (480x272)
  • Power supply: 24 VDC. current 100/110/120/200/220/240 50Hz with additional power supply PR-300
  • Power supply: 24V DC

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