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Standard 22 NX

Standard 22 NX is an improved modification that supports the quality characteristics of the Standard 22 gyrocompass. It provides easier installation and integration, comes with a completely updated electronics and provides more interfaces - for serial data transmission, communication via Ethernet and Bridge Alert Management.


  • High precision and reliability
  • Designed to provide the highest operational safety in the most severe environmental conditions.
  • Easy integration with short installation times.
  • Long periods between maintenance, high service life.
  • Manual and automatic correction of speed / latitude errors.
  • Quick installation reduces startup time to 1 hour.
  • Intelligent functions as a course management system
  • A modular product line to meet individual cost requirements.
  • Seamless integration into various system environments thanks to a variety of interfaces and formats.
  • Bridge Alert Management Compliance (BAM)
  • Complies with Ethernet data transmission in accordance with IEC 61162-450.
  • IMO approved for use on high-speed vessels and as a gyroscope with high turning speed.

Standard 22 NX utilizes Raytheon Anschütz's unique touch technology. The design ensures that environmental influences such as vibrations and shocks do not affect course accuracy. Depreciation is eliminated through the use of electronic data transfer technology, which completely replaces the use of slip rings.

Easy to install and configure

Installation of the Standard 22 NX in the heading control system is done via a redundant CAN bus. The advantage of the CAN bus is that it works in real time, can have a length of up to 400 m and requires only 6 wires. Configuration of Standard 22 NX is done through a web server. No special tools are required except a laptop and a browser. Settings can be constantly updated, so the required time for setting can be reduced to several minutes.

Technology of the next decade

The 22 NX standard provides all the necessary interfaces today and in the future. It conveys the direction and speed of rotation in the form of serial data. Turn indicators can be connected directly to the Standard 22 NX. All data is also available on two Ethernet interfaces. Compliance with Ethernet IEC61162-450 provides the ability to connect next generation radars, ECDIS, etc. The 22 NX standard is also compatible with Bridge Alert Management (BAM). The Central Alert Management Display (CAM) can be connected via Ethernet or serial data.

Speed ​​/ Latitude Error Correction

For standard automatic correction of speed / latitude errors, speed and latitude data are provided by sensors or entered manually through the operator unit. A separate speed error correction function ensures that a failure in the log or GPS receiver affects only the course of one gyrocompass. Advantage: later systems, such as dynamic positioning systems, are able to detect heading errors caused by incorrect latitude or speed information at an early stage.

Compass Integration

The Standard 22 NX system integrates other compasses. In this case, cost-effective integration of the existing gyrocompass or modernization of the gyrocompass to the heading control system is possible.

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