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DP5000 Dynamic Positioning Systems

DP5000 took the best quality of the previous IVCS series is a new generation of dynamic positioning system. Developed with the help of the latest advances in technology and design, and it takes into account the requirements of the classification society.

The interface was developed with the active participation of experienced operators of dynamic positioning systems and ergonomics specialists. The controls are similar to the instrument ones, as the emphasis was placed on easy and logical control, informative content and access to functions.

All this can be achieved by a certified high-resolution touchscreen display and a control panel with a small number of control buttons. In addition, the functions of voice notification of alarm and warning messages help to maintain a high level of awareness in any situation.

The diagram of providing the necessary stops in real time gives an idea of which stops can be achieved by the ship's actuators based on their configuration, power and achievable angular momentum.

The DP5000 system always receives information from the power plant, such as: the load of each generator and actuator, connecting them to the power bus and connecting the power buses to each other.

If there is a danger of an emergency shutdown of the system, DP5000 immediately calculates new requirements for stops and angular momentum, taking into account the distribution of electricity to each generator, and also installs stops between the ship's actuators, reducing the consequences of a power drop

Information about all components of the system can be received in the form of messages or diagrams on the screen in real time, as DP5000 performs constant monitoring of programmable logic controllers, computers, buses, sensors, a propulsive complex, generators, power grids, etc.

Target Following mode allows you to keep the vessel on a given course or position the vessel within the designated limits relative to the selected target.

The radar is used to monitor the elements of the movement of its ship and its surrounding targets