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Navi Trex 250 / 180

Navi Trex 250 / 180

Electronic mapping systems (EKS) of the A and B classes of the Navi Trax 250 and Navi Trax 180 are designed for installation on sea vessels of less than 3000 r.t. and river vessels


We inform you that in our warehouse there is a new supply of equipment at special prices.

1.  Samyung STR-6000A

2. AIS  Samyung SI-30AR

3. Receiver service NAVTEX  Samyung SNX-300

      Samyung STR-6000A AIS Samyung SI-30AR NAVTEX service receiver Samyung SNX-300
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The quantity of goods is limited. You can place an order by sending an e-mail to .

For all questions, please call by phone  in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 679-09-10.

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