Samyung STR-6000A

Samyung STR-6000A
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STR-6000A model developed by SAMYUNG ENC CO. and a new version of GMDSS VHF Radio release in 2005, intended for installation in ships, boats and fishing vessels engaged on voyages in sea areas A1/A2/A3/A4. as well as floating drilling installation. Due to the small dimensions of the radio can be easily mounted on ships of various classes, including small size.

Housing STR6000A has waterproof performance.

Integrated controller and DSC watch receiver 70 channel used to filing and processing of distress signals. The supplied AC adapter SP-580AD allows you to connect the radio as a source of AC voltage of 220V AC, and a DC power supply voltage 24V DC, and also has a built-in system to automatically switch to emergency power source (battery) power supply with visual indication (LED) on the transition to the emergency power supply.

STR6000A meets the requirements of the National Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation, has type approval by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register, as well as meet international convention requirements contained in IMO resolution (A.803) 19, MSC.68 (68), A.694 (17) and ITU-R Recommendation M.541-9, M.493-11. DSC complies with class 'A'. The radio contains all the channels defined in the Radio Regulations ITU. 




  • 168 marine channels (ITU - 55, USA - 53, CANADA - 60).
  • 10 weather channels.
  • Several scanning modes.
  • The dual and triple viewing Dual / Trial Watch.
  • Selecting parameters of the radio user menu displayed on the LCD.
  • Adjustable display brightness control keys.
  • The feasibility of radio communication with automatic connection to the telephone network via coastal radio centers.
  • The ability to connect GPS to locate the ship.
  • Ability to connect a special printer or printer DPU.414 interface CENTRONICS Print transmitted and received signals Disasters.
  • Self-diagnosis function (on / by the operator).
  • Convenient microphone with 4 control buttons.
  • Up to 20 individual and group IDs to 3 for a shortcut using DSC.
Technical characteristics
Frequency band TX: 156.025-157.425 MHz  
RX: 156.025-163.275 MHz
Frequency spacing 25 kHz
Mode Simplex, half-duplex.
The type of radiation F3E, F2B (DSC)
Frequency Stability + / - 10 ppm (-20 C + 60 C)
Impedance 50 ohms
Current consumption (13.8) TX (25W) - 5.5 A max  
RX - max 1.5 A
Temperature range -15 C +55 C.
Dimensions (mm) 172 (W) x 85 (H) x 170 (H)
Output power 25 W (High), 1 W (Low)
Bandwidth Not more than 16 kHz
Spurious Emission Less than -70 dB
Distortions Less than 10%
Sensitivity No worse than 0.22 uV (12 dB SINAD)
Selectivity No worse than -70 dB
Output Power LF 4.5 watts (4 ohms)
Integrated power DSC
The frequency of transmission / reception 156,525 MHz (channel 70)
Classification Class A
The type of radiation F2B
Modulation FSK
Receiver Type Double superheterodyne
Memory DSC messages Received messages Distress - 20  
received messages Other - 20  
Messages Submitted - 20
Impedance 50 ohms





  • Transceiver watch receiver 70 channel controller DSC in a single package
  • Microphone SM-6000
  • Remote Speaker SS-6000
  • AC Adapter SP-580AD 220V AC-24V DC / 12V DC
  • Warning light illumination
  • 2 VHF antenna SAN-150 with fastening
  • Installation kit SRT-6000A-AK
  • RF Connectors PL-259 4 pcs.
  • User manual in Russian
  • Individual RMRS certificate
  • Individual certificate of PPP (Optional)

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