STB-3 Call box

STB-3 Call box
STB-3 - waterproof combined negotiating relay with relay box headset, speaker, and an additional signaling device. Designed for wall mounting. Equipped with screw fasteners.
Durable and robust housing provides quality communication with the crew in all weather conditions.
This feature is exclusive, selecting equipment performing communication between the offices of the vessel, while the technical and operational work.
speuialnoy under waterproof cover has a socket, to connect all the necessary fittings and mikrafon. Built-in relay provides a coherent work of external alarm devices. It provides communication via speaker system.
STB-3 is compatible with a series of central units ETB-10 and ETB-100A.
  • IP - IP66
  • Mounting - Screw
  • Dimensions - mm 224h80h63
  • Weight - 0.5 kg
  • Housing - Waterproof
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STB-3 Call box

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