Wall-mounted Indoor Loudspeaker STB-1

Wall-mounted Indoor Loudspeaker  STB-1
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Wall-mounted Indoor Loudspeaker STB-1

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Wall-mounted Indoor Loudspeaker substation STB-1 is designed to receive and transmit information messages on the vessel. Mounted on a bridge in the cabins, cockpit and the engine room and so forth. A robust and durable housing is mounted on the wall. The compact panel has a call button and send the message, as well as microphone and speaker.
Station STB-1 launch is convenient mooring for an alert or warning of stopping the ship. With this translation is provided high-quality communications in the maintenance of the vessel. The station is compatible with the type of central unit CU-200, ETB-10, ETB-100A.
  • Size - 144h96h49 mm
  • Mounting - Screw terminals
  • Color - Black (front)
  • IP-rating - IP-22
  • Weight - 0.35 kg

Wall-mounted Indoor Loudspeaker  STB-1


ECDIS types 22.12.2016 ECDIS types
Electronic-cartographic navigation and information system

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