М 125/160

М 125/160
Air whistle Zollner MAKROFON M 125/160 - is a membrane sound device that runs on compressed air. Compatible with signaling guns 6 + S, 10 + SGA system and receiving acoustic signals SRD 414/2. Suitable for Class II vessels - Permitted frequency range 130/160 Hz
It features a low air consumption with high sound intensity. It provides a wide range of hearing. Rugged and durable construction ensures a long operating time. Resistance to the horn of sea water is made of brass or bronze and has a protective plastic coating.
Typhon is connected to AC single-phase AC or 24 V DC supply voltage. It works at an air pressure of 7 and 40 bar. Lightweight and compact M 125/160 contains a thermostat which protects against condensation and allows you to work in any environment. It has a wide frequency spectrum. Rig is made of sheet aluminum. The sound pressure level of 138 dB / 1 3 octaves at a distance of 1 meter. Fully compliant with the rules of COLREG 1972 Annex III.
This model Typhon comes in two versions (depending on the power required):
- Makrofon M125/160bZVEH   230 V AC 1phase
- Makrofon M125/160bZVEEH  230 VAC/24 VDC/230 VAC
  • Operating frequency - 160 Hz
  • Air pressure - 7 - 40 bar
  • Sound power level - 138 dB
  • Heating power - 100W
  • Dimensions - 890 mm
  • BSH Room - DHI / 49 / 12P / 01/81
This model of typhon is supplied in two versions (depending on the required power):
- Makrofon M125/160bZVEH   230 V AC 1phase
- Makrofon M125/160bZVEEH  230 VAC/24 VDC/230 VAC


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М 125/160

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