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Spare parts catalog for Gyro Navigat

For a detailed list of spare parts and consumables for Navigat X MK1 and Navigat X MK2 gyrocompasses 
For purchase, please contact sales at sales@cirspb.ru , for repair of gyrocompasses or call a qualified engineer, contact service@cirspb.ru . And by phone +7 (812) 679 09 10 or + 7 (812) 467 36 73.

 Picture  Name  GC Navigat X MK1     GC Navigat X MK2
      Main board (Master PCB)  020672-0000-000  020130-0000-000
   Baseplate, complete  022407-0000-000  022407-0000-000
  Container Mod. 10/4, complete with pre-installed center axis 025953-0000-000 025953-0000-000
  Gyrosphere, type 3 (without mercury) 074829-0000-000 074829-0000-000
  Needle, Mod. 10/3  022575-0000-000  022575-0000-000
  NAVIGAT X MK1 / MK2 update kit
 025971-0000-000  025972-0000-000
  Set of gaskets for the gyro container  025963-0000-000  025963-0000-000
  Maintenance fluid (1l) * new type, with green label  044810-0000-000  044810-0000-000
  Gyrocompass installation kit mod-10/4, in a case *  025985-0000-000  025985-0000-000

* List of parts of the installation kit for gyrosphere mod. 10/4 005026-0126-001 is attached later in this article.

Overview of the main components

Container gyrosphere
Mod. 10/4

No      Name      amount
    one      Traffic jams      2
    2      J1 power board plug      one
    3      Upper needle pin (center pin) with screw      one
    four      Power board      one
    five      Hex Head Screws      12
    6      Basic contact with connector (not shown)      one
    7      Bottom of the container      one
    eight      Container Type Label      one
    9      Drain plug      one
    ten      Sensor Tracking System Board      one
    eleven      Status LEDs (red / green)      2
    12      Switches (jumpers)      3
    13      Connecting the flat cable to the PCB      one
    14      Top of container      one

Container label and
Gyrosphere type 3

    one   Groove in the gyrosphere     one
    2  Gyrosphere shell (in gray lacquer)     one
    3  Reflection area (white lacquer)     one
    four  Bottom contact of the gyrosphere (not shown)     one

Gyrocompass installation kit for Gyrosphere Mod. 10/4,
 Part No.      amount      Description      Marker
 047976-0000-000      one      Case      one
 044810-0000-000      one      Maintenance fluid (new type with green label), 1l      2
 033347-0000-000      one      Plastic bowl      3
 025550-0000-000      one      Sponge (Scotch Bright)      four
 046547-0000-000      one      Funnel      five
 005026-0126-000      one      Parts List (this document is not shown)      6

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