Remote technical support

We offer to save from 10 to 15% of all costs for radio navigation equipment, in one simple action: to connect technical managers and / or crews to our technical support, which exists in order to assist, in technical matters, the clients of our company.

Typically this:
  • broken contacts
  • unconnected power supplies
  • blown fuses
  • inability of the crew to use equipment correctly
  • physical damage to connectors or cable breaks
  • antenna malfunction
  • unconnected machine, etc.

The crew will be able to do all these work independently with the help of our detailed instructions and under the remote guidance of our specialists.

Remote technical support

Remote technical support Remote technical support  Remote technical support
         CiR_group_bot     +79955977760   support@cirspb.ru              +79602327558

  To contact technical support:
  • Click on the icon for convenient communication
  • Will be redirected to the messenger
  • Describe your problem and click "Send"

The list of services provided:
- Consultations for crew, technical manager, shipowner
- Assistance in cases where there is no technical documentation on board
- The work of checking the relevance of the software
- Equipment fault detection, together with the crew, according to our recommendations

So that we can work out your problem as quickly as possible, you need to write following:
- Full name of the equipment (Manufacturer, model, serial number)
- Describe in detail the nature of the malfunction.
- What is it expressed.
- Write down what preceded the failure of the equipment. Is the malfunction constant or something affects it.
- When was the last service. Attach the latest service report.
- Attach detailed photographs of the equipment, including fixing the malfunction or mistakes

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