Repair of FleetBroadBand

It is difficult to imagine modern ship life not only without a stable telephone connection, but also without the Internet. In particular, one of the solutions providing comfort and constant connection to one of the three Inmarsat geostationary satellites is Sailor Systems from Thrane & Thrane under the name FleetBroadband.


There are three modifications, differing in antenna size and data rate:

SAILOR 150 speed 150 kbps;

SAILOR 250 speed 284 kbps;

SAILOR 500 speed 432 kbps.

As with any complex electronic equipment, system blocks can fail, requiring FleetBroardband component repair. Many who faced such a problem were unpleasantly surprised by the absence of companies in Russia that had the ability to implement such a problem. In addition to us, we are able not only to repair FleetBroadband system units, but also to repair antennas.

In addition, we offer a unique service for our country - a full cycle from diagnostics to repair. It is obvious to everyone that it is better to prevent a possible problem in advance, when there is no data transfer or the system does not start, than to face such a serious nuisance on the high seas.

The fact that the repair base has a stand for diagnostics, repair and inspection of FleetBroadband allows us to solve any problem with the components of the system.

For advice and services - contact us by phone +7 (812) 4-673-673 or send a request to service@cirspb.ru

 Repair of FleetBroadBand

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