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Marine traffic AIS

Marine traffic AIS

On our site the service of displaying marinetraffic in St. Petersburg is implemented. You can search for ships by AIS in a convenient interface

22.12.2017 Special offer for equipment from stock
1. Reduction of prices for Samyung SEP-406
2. Radio station DP2400 
3. Satellite compass Samyung SGC-750 at a special reduced price.
4. Price reduced on AIS Samyung SI30AR

  Samyung SEP-406 Radio station Motorola DP2400 Satellite compass Samyung SGC-750  AIS Samyung SI30AR


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The promotion is limited by the availability of equipment in stock.
For any questions, please contact the sales department by e-mail  and by phone +7 (812) 769-09-10

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