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Portable Marine VHF Radio DP2400

Portable Marine VHF Radio DP2400 - designed to provide the ship's communication during technical operations. Designed with the latest digital technology. It provides high audibility in all environmental conditions.
The newest feature is Intelligent Audio is able to automatically adjust the sound settings that would offset the impact of external or background noise. Thus, the employee will not miss a call due to adverse conditions, with radio Turn down the volume, if it is wearing go to a quiet room.
For better performance Optional Accessories IMPRES ™ series. Note: accessories are sold separately.
Use DP2400 TDMA radio technology allows to double the output power and provide the most clear voice communication. In this case the battery runs up to 40% longer between pozdzaryadkami and has a guarantee of 1 year. Despite the lack of a display, the model is equipped with a convenient and quite informative display. The control buttons can be pre-set for each user. Due relay functional characteristics, switching from digital to analog mode becomes more simple and does not affect the quality of work. In addition to expanding coverage, DP2400 IP Site Connect uses a technology that uses the internet additionally.
  • Frequency range: 136 - 174 MHz
  • Power Output - 1 W / 4W - UHF, 1W / 5W - VHF
  • Battery life - 11.5 hours in digital mode, 8 hours in analog
  • Battery - Li-Ion
  • Dimensions -122 x 56 x 36.4 mm
  • Weight - 265 g

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