Danelec and NAPA offer a complete solution for IoT Cloud

16 May, 2018

Danelec Marine, maker of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), ECDIS and ship-to-shore data transfer solutions, has teamed up with a software provider for maritime services, services and data analysis NAPA to provide a complete cloud-based Internet solution (Internet of Things - IoT for short). ) to analyze and optimize the performance of the vessel.

Danelec and NAPA offer a complete solution for IoT CloudThe new IoT ship package combines an efficient and low-cost ship data collection system and the Danelec data transfer platform using advanced NAPA analysis and optimization tools. Integration with DanelecConnect allows NAPA to offer shipowners a comprehensive turnkey IoT package, covering many elements from on-board data collection to effective ship and fleet performance analysis. The second-generation DanelecConnect platform, which was launched last year, simplifies NAPA collecting data from ship sensors for use in cloud applications by incorporating an application programming tool (API).

“This partnership with Danelec Marine removes one of the biggest obstacles to gaining IoT integration experience for shipowners, operators and charterers ,” said Pekka Pakkanen, development director, NAPA Shipping Solutions.

“Until now, access to timely data from ships at sea was difficult, the vessel’s data collection and processing networks had to be made to order with connections to hundreds of data points. This is often associated with the use of outdated user interfaces or the slow and sometimes unreliable manual entry of personnel data by ships. This was possible for some large companies, but, for example, on chartered vessels, the initial investment was often too high. The versatile DanelecConnect data interface and a wide service network solve these problems, allowing you to see the performance parameters of ships from the shore at a much lower price. With this solution, we can add value to high-quality analytics and optimization for a much wider range of vessels, including those leased. ”

Danelec and NAPA offer a complete solution for IoT Cloud

DanelecConnect uses a small electronic remote server that connects to the ship's VDR and other data sources. It collects and processes the necessary data sets for transmission via satellite to the Danelec cloud server on the shore. NAPA retrieves this data from DanelecConnect to its NAPA Office and NAPA Ship Performance Analytics platforms. These platforms offer a wide range of business analysis and fleet optimization services for shipping companies; including monitoring equipment, fuel efficiency and body condition analysis. This allows users to set key performance indicators and benchmarks and use statistical modeling to predict performance. 

“As one of the largest suppliers of marine VDR, we have many years of experience working with all types of data sources on ships. We now apply the accumulated experience to the problem of data collection and provide it to marine cloud specialists such as NAPA so that they can focus on what they do best - providing ship operators, freighters and other marine stakeholders with key data for better decision making. ashore "  - said Danslec Marine CEO Hans Ottosen

Ottoens noted that IoT is growing worldwide. A recent Gartner report predicts that by 2018, the network will receive 5.5 million new IoT devices, and by 2020, more than 20.8 billion connected devices will be connected. While other industries around the world are embracing IoT solutions as a central part of their business, the maritime market is lagging behind. By combining the components of the vessel and the coastline in an economical integrated cloud package, the shipping industry will benefit greatly in all aspects of shipping, including the cost of logistics.

According to the two companies, the first joint decision of NAPA / Danelec Marine IoT passed successful marine tests on the vessel with subsequent installations planned for 2018.

In almost 30 years of operation, NAPA has become the world leader in software, services and data analysis for the maritime industry; providing best-in-class data-based solutions for safety, efficiency, and performance for both ship design and operation. NAPA operates worldwide, with 11 offices in Asia, Europe and North and South America, which are supported by its headquarters in Helsinki. 

Headquartered in Denmark, Danelec Marine is the leading provider of flight data recorders (VDR), ship-to-shore data transmission systems and information systems (ECDIS). Danelec Marine was one of the first companies to market VDR and S-VDR to meet the initial IMO shipping requirements. Today, more than 6,000 ships are equipped with VDR or S-VDR, designed and manufactured by Danelec Marine.

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