Thrane&thrane SAILOR RT5022

Thrane & Thrane SAILOR RT5022 supports Replay ( repeat) . Just click Replay and VHF SAILOR RT5022 perform repeat important messages that may have been missed.
The interface is designed as a separate menus - one for the most commonly used standard functions VHF, another - for functions DSC. This design provides easy and quick overview operator settings VHF, which simplifies the use of the radio station. Standard readings of VHF displayed on the seven segment display, which lacks a strong backlight inherent LCDs and annoying at night. The information displayed on the display is clearly visible at a distance and even at large viewing angles. Text information and indicators - red , not irritating to the eyes in the dark .
Function DSC, and seldom-used settings are displayed on the graphic LCD display , which after a short period of time ( if the DSC functions are not used or are not satisfied preferences) goes into ' sleep' mode . When using a display function effective dimming ( dimming ) 'dimming' dims red LCD backlight and illumination seven segment display . Glare from bright light from the sun or largely reduced through the use of anti-glare filter.
Interface VHF SAILOR RT5022, made a similar interface with the most popular mobile phones, very convenient for the user. In addition to ease of use and intuitive menu , each menu item has a number where you can quickly call it .
Design and layout of the buttons are made to be easy to use. Large tactile buttons - call for basic functions and tactile buttons for adjusting the volume and squelch .

Basic configuration VHF DSC SAILOR RT5022


Transceiver : SAILOR RT5022

The composition SAILOR RT5022 includes a very powerful transmitter and very sensitive, selective receiver that reduces blocking and intermodulation from other VHF or other products installed AIS. Integrated functionality DSC designed for ease of use. Built-in powerful speaker provides high clarity . SAILOR RT5022 can be installed on any captain's bridge . The transceiver has a built- switching power supply .

Handset : SAILOR HS5001

SAILOR HS5001 Handset transmits sound quality and perfectly fits in your hand . Due to the design reduces wind noise in the microphone and earpiece completely covers the ear, providing excellent audibility in noisy environments .

Accessories: Poluintellektualny ( polyfunctional ) control unit : SAILOR CU5000

SAILOR CU5000 is designed for use on the wing of the bridge or the other secondary site management .
With this unit controls all the basic functions of VHF, and also performed a quick mute incoming alarms DSC. Unit certified as unprotected equipment , waterproof - IP66.
  • Complies with ETSI, IEC, ITU and IMO, as well as the requirements of the national administrations
  • Recording function last 90 seconds of negotiations on the given frequency
  • 7-segment display for basic functions
  • Graphical display with the ' sleep mode ' for secondary functions
  • Red display for night operation
  • anti-glare filter
  • Display Dimmer
  • Built-in speaker power 5W
  • Interactive menu with scroll function
  • Alarm mute button
  • Large touch-sensitive controls
  • Button to switch power from 25W to 1W
  • Built-in DSC Class A
  • frequency scanning
  • Suspension / embedded performance
  • Address book for 200 DSC rooms for ships and shore stations
  • Can connect up to two remote control