Catalogue of spare parts production RUTTER for voyage data recorders.

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I. Batteries

II. Final Recording medium (FMR)

III. FRM Beacon (s)

IV. Interfaces

V. Microphones

VI. Miscellaneous

VII. VDR-100


IX. VDR-100G3/G3S

Part Number Description  Formerly
RUT-02317 Battery Cartridge for APC 3U UPS For use with RUT-00658 UPS in the VDR-100
RUT-02364 Battery Pack, Lead Acid Batteries (VDR-100G3/G3S) Two lead acid batteries
RUT-02893 Battery, 28Ah 12V (VDR-100G2/G2S) Sealed lead acid gel-cells
RUT-02870 SMX48BP2U Battery Pack For VDR-100
RUT-02871 Battery Pack APC SMX1500RMI2U UPS For VDR-100
RUT-02872 AP9620 Legacy Communication Card For VDR-100


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Final Recording medium (FMR)

Part Number Description Formerly
RUT-02000 FRM (Fixed) - HVR02 (L3) Fixed Hardened VDR Capsule
RUT-02447 FRM (Fixed) - Capsule (NetWare) excl. PT-9 beacon For VDR & S-VDR, 4 GB Storage Capacity
RUT-02087 FRM (Float Free) - Jotron Simplified For S-VDR ( VDR Capsule)
RUT-01010-AA FRM Junction Box RT-916 for Float Free Capsule
RUT-02738 SVR 03 Capsule, 4 G (L3) SVR0300640 SVR03, 4 G


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 FRM Beacon (s)

Part Number Description Formerly
NW4860-599 Beacon, Adapter Stainless Steel RUT-02630 to fit a NW4860-595
NW4860-595 Netwave Beacon, PT-9 Fixed Acoustic For L3 SVR02/03 and L3 HVR02
NW4860-598 Netwave Beacon, Test Set ATS-260 for PT-9 Test set, acoustic, operation testing
NW4860-592 Netwave Beacon, Universal Adaptor Kit L3 HVR00 and L3 HVR01
NW-4860-593 Netwave Beacon Battery Kit -
NW-4860-591 Netwave PT-9 Installation Kit for RUT-02447 -


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Part Number Description Formerly
RUT-01037-AA Assy, Handset Tap -
RUT-01004-NA Audio Module (4 Ch/8 Inputs) 6 microphones, 1 VHF Tx, 1 VHF Rx)
RUT-01004-OA Audio Module (6 Ch/12 Inputs) Enternet output, DIN-Rail mounted
RUT-01004-NA-PA Audio Module (6 Ch/12 Inputs) Enternet output, DIN-Rail mounted
RUT-01004-NA-X Refurbished - Audio Module (4 Ch/ 8 Input) 6 microphones, 1 VHF Tx, 1 VHF Rx
RIT-01004-OA-X Refurbished - Audio Module (6 Ch/ 12 Input) DIN-rail
RUT-01014-AA DataAnalog  16-input / DIN-Rail
RUT-01015-AA DataDiscrete 24-input / DAIN-Rail
RUT-00842 Datagyro, C/W Protocol (Rate of Return) -
RUT-00754 Interface Cabinet -
RUT-02238 NMEA Data Splitter 24V DC
RUT-01029-AA INMEA Module RS422/232, VDR-100
RUT-01029-AA-X Refurbished, NMEA Module RS422/232, VDR-100
RUT-01005-EA Video Module VDR-100G2/G2S and VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-00949-BA Video Module 2 input VDR-100G2/G2S and VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-00949-CA Video Module 3 input VDR-100G2/G2S and VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-00949-DA Video Module 4 input VDR-100G2/G2S and VDR-100G3/G3S


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Part Number Description Formerly
КГЕ-00621-AA Assy, Junction Box, Indoor Mic -
RUT-00619-AA Assy, Junction Box, Outdoor Mic -
RUT-00346 Bazzer, Outdoor Microphone -
RUT-00620-AA Microphone & Buzzer, Indoor Without Junction Box
RUT-00618-BA Microphone & Buzzer, Outdoor Without Junction Box
RUT-01019-AA Microphone, Indoor With Junction Box
RUT-01018-AA Microphone, Outdoor With Junction Box


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Part Number Description Formerly
RUT-00751 Label Kit, Reflective Used with L3 Capsules
RUT-00752 Label Kit, Reflactive Complete RUT-02447 Capsule -
RUT-02644 Power Supply for ACR Float-Free Capsule - PS-100 ACR PS-100
RUT-02204 Programming Cable, NMEA -
RUT-02203 Programming Cable, OAU and NMEA module -
RUT-02346 Programming Kit, Jotron Float-Free Capsule PRU-pragramming unit, PR40 Software


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Part Number Description Formerly
RUT-00811 128MB SBC Memory VDR-100 DMU
RUT-02582 Alarm Module LED VDR-100
RUT-00675 Alarm Module, VDR-100 -
RUT-00869 CD-ROM VDR-100 DMU
RUT-00500 Circuit Breaker  230V AC
RUT-00497 Fan 230 V AC
RUT-00651 Filter, AIR  Pack of 5
RUT-00663 Filter, Computer Intake VDR-100 DMU
RUT-00692 HDD, 40GB Internal VDR-100
RUT-00694 Mainboard, Single Board Computer (SBC) VDR-100 DMU
RUT-00712 Mixer, Microphone/VHF 4-Channel VDR-100
RUT-00757 Opto-Isolation Board NI-Box
RUT-00507 Opto-Isolator VDR-100
RIT-00687 PCI Dual Serial Port Card VDR-100 DMU
RUT-00762 Power Card 2-way
RUT-00655 Power Supply  12 D VC
RUT-00684 Power Supply VDR-100 DMU
RUT-00659 Removable SCHI HDD Frame and Carrier VDR-100s
RUT-00688 SCSI HDD Carrier VDR-100
RUT-02320 SCSI HDD 300GB VDR-100/s
RUT-00716 SCSI Remowable Drive Kit 36GB VDR-100
RUT-00642 Video Capture Cable (Accura to VGA) -
RUT-00791 Video Capture Cable DVI to 5 BNC
RUT-00512 Video Capture Cable DVI to VGA
RUT-00152 Video Capture Cable, DB15 to 5BNC -
RUT-02291 Video Capture Card VDR-100 DMU
RUT-00508 Video Switch 4 - port
RUT-00691 SCSI HDD, 73GB VDR-100


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Part Number Description Formerly
RUT-00412-DA Computer, Data Managment Module (VDR-100G2 DMM) -
RUT-00412-DA-X Computer, Refurbished Data Management Module VDR-100G2 DMM
RUT-00412-DA-X Computer, Refurbished Data Management Module VDR-100G2 DMM
RUT-00325 Data Port-VDR100G2 -
RUT-00388 DPU-Installation Kit VDR-100G2/G2S
RUT-00314 Ethernet Hub 5 Port 10/100 Mbps
RUT-02147 Fan 119mmx38mm
RUT-00309-AA Filter, Dust 5 ind.
RUT-00039 Filter, RFI, 10Amp -
RUT-02683 Key For G2  set 0f 2
RUT-01007-CA Operation and Alarm UNIT VDR-100G2/G2S
RUT-01000-BA ower Control Module  VDR-100G2/G2S
RUT-02261 Power Supply AC Module 85-264Vac
RUT-00095-AA-X Power Supply AC Module 500W
RUT-00096-X Refurbished - Power Supply , 24VDC Module 90 day
RUT-0106-GA Remote Storage Module -
RUT-00069 Solid State Relay 20A
RUT-00083 Thermostat VDR-100G2/G2S
RUT-02297-BA USB Memory Strick 4 GB
RUT-02677-AA Kit, Ethernet, Isolation Field Install Ethernet Isolation Kit G2 DMM


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part Number Description Formerly
RUT-01050 Audio Module 8 channel  VDR-100G3
RUT-01050-BA Audio Module (12 input / Bulkhead Mount / VDR - 100G3/G3S) -
RUT-01050-CA Audio Module (16 input / input / Bulkhead Mount / VDR - 100G3/G3S) -
RUT-02599-AA Computer , Data Management Module VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-02599-AA-X Refurbished, Computer Data Management Module VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-02372 Cooling Fan VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-01002-AA Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-02450 Manual VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-02449 Manual VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-01053 Operation & Alarm Unit (OAU) VDR-100G3/G3S
RUT-02365 Power Supply  VDR-100G3/G3S


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