Voyage data recorder SVF-200 manufactured by SAL Navigation AB is intended for use on sea vessels. This VDR provides continuous automatic recording of information received from the ship's equipment and systems. Data can be easily and safely removed from the media and played back using specially developed software. The software is supported by both PC and Mac, and through SAL Cloud the data can be played in a web browser on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Voyage Data Logger SVF-200 is easily adaptable to the specific needs of each vessel, and parts are easily replaced if necessary. RDR is characterized by a high level of security, which makes it possible to protect data from alteration and deletion.

The composition of the flight data recorder SVF-200:
  • main unit SVF-200
  • audio mixer unit AMU
  • remote control unit RCU2
  • microphones AM2
  • fixed capsule PROCAP 32GB
  • self-floating capsule Tron 40 VDR or
  • self-floating heated capsule Tron 40 VDR
  • RT9 NINETY underwater fixed capsule beacon
  • Power supply: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating temperature range: - 15 ° С - + 55 ° С - for blocks installed in the interior of the vessel: -25 ° С - + 55 ° С - for blocks installed on an open deck
  • Operating temperature range of the fixed capsule, free-floating heated capsule and microphone units: -55 ° С - + 55 ° С.

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