Horn speaker DNH HP-10T

Horn speaker DNH HP-10T
DNH HP-10T - is a horn loudspeaker, designed to work in all environments. Suitable for installation in open areas and public areas. It works in translational lines 70/100 B and has a nominal power of 10 watts. Designed for high reliability and efficient operation.
The body is made of anti-static plastic, so that has a relatively low weight. Installation is carried out by using U-shaped bracket.
Horn speaker DNH HP-10T
  • Nominal power - 10 Watt
  • Maximum power - 15 watts
  • Sound pressure level - 106 dB at 1 watt / 1 m
  • Frequency range - 410-8000 Hz
  • Working temperature - -90 ° C - 50 ° C
  • Dimensions - 139x198 mm

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Horn speaker DNH HP-10T

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