DNH DS(T)-100/DH-50

DNH DS(T)-100/DH-50
DNH DS(T)-100/DH-50

DNH DS (T) -100 / DH-50 is a horn loudspeaker made of aluminum alloy, powder coated with light gray plastic and fiberglass. It is intended for use in sound warning systems and loud-speaking communication in industrial facilities, in the presence of aggressive chemical media, dust, humidity and a wide range of temperatures. With a maximum sound pressure of 132 dB (A), it is weather-resistant. The DST 100 has a five-step linear voltage transformer, which allows you to adjust the output of the sound by changing the power consumption.

The DH-50 is equipped with a standard UNEF 1 3/8 "UNEF connection, and comes with a stainless steel mounting bracket.

The loudspeaker is available in the following standards:

  • DS-100 with low impedance (8 ohms or 20 ohms)
  • DST-100 linear voltage transformer (100 V)
  • DH-50 500 mm re-input signal

Loudspeakers are used to send alarm signals to military bases, sea vessels, industrial plants and factories.


  • Rated / maximum power: 100 W / 100 W
  • Power switching: 100/60/30/15 / 7.5 W
  • Operating voltage: 100V / 70V
  • Band of reproduced frequencies: 200 Hz-5 kHz
  • SPL: 112 dB (max 132 dB)
  • Operating temperature range: 200С / -50С
  • Protection class: IP-67
  • Color: RAL 7035
  • Case material: polystyrene / aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions: d508x665 mm
  • Weight: 7.7 kg

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DNH DS(T)-100/DH-50

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