KDS-6000BB - it is the world's first wideband sonar with a high scanning speed. Depending on the type of target and the distance to it, the output frequency is selected in the range of 130-210 kHz. Flexible frequency selection in increments of 0.1 kHz, significantly reduces interference from other sonar units, which are located nearby. Output power is 1500 watts. The user interface allows you to pre-configure and store the settings for a more comfortable work.
KDS-6000BB uses a unique digital signal processing Koden Digital Processing series V (KDP-V). With the help of KDP-V is carried out to obtain a higher resolution image. Structurally is a compact unit which has spuskopodmny mechanism to save space on the vessel. Optional sonar KDS-6000BB is complemented by an LCD display with a diagonal of 17 inches.
KDS-6000BB offers 4 different modes:
  • Sonar mode is recommended to search for fish around the vessel.
  • Off-center mode helps to get more information ahead of the vessel.
  • Echo sounder - mode display information like the fishfinder.
  • Bottom scan mode can show the reflected echo of underwater objects and the bottom.
  • Number of colors - 8 and 16
  • CPU unit dimensions - 320 x 320 x 122 mm
  • Control Unit Dimensions - 100 x 324 x 54 mm
  • Voltage - 10.8 - 31.2 Direct current
  • Output Power - 1.5 kW
  • Frequency range - 130 - 210 kHz
  • The pulse emitter - 150 - 380 mm

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