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Current transformers

Measuring current transformers type ASK / ASR are designed to convert the current of the primary power circuit into a standard measuring signal 1A or 5A. These transformers can be used to connect measuring instruments, automatic control and protection devices.

The WSK direct current transformers are used to measure currents up to 10A and allow transformation to higher currents than in the primary circuit. Also, these transformers are used to increase the power of an analog signal for transmission over long distances.

SASR / SASK type safety current transformers are used to connect overload protection devices. The design of the devices provides a proportional current transformation when the rated current is exceeded several times, depending on the protection class.

Current transformers type KBU are designed to convert the primary circuit current into a standard measuring signal 5A or 1A. Mounting of transformers on busbars / cables is greatly simplified thanks to the split core.

Summing current transformers type KSU / SUSK are designed for summing several synchronized alternating currents with the same phase. It is also possible to add currents of different rated voltages, but with the same phase.