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XDi Series Multifunction Indicators

DEIF's XDi series multifunction indicators are backlit and have a high quality display, which makes it possible to replace the mechanical indicator and dial. The scale can be selected and configured by the user when installing the indicator. The scale library stored in memory makes this easy and quick.

The XDi indicator displays one or several operating parameters of ship machinery and devices, such as: rudder position angle, adjustable pitch propeller pitch, propeller rotation direction, engine speed, azimuth angle, swing speed, level, temperature, pressure, fuel consumption, etc. etc.

  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC (18.0 ...... 31.2 V DC).
  • Ambient temperature: - 25 ° С ÷ + 55 ° С
  • Protective performance: IP 52 - front panel, IP 56/66 - front panel with additional gasket; IP20 - terminal.
  • Accuracy class: 0.5
  • Accuracy of indications: ≤ +/- 1 pixel - with analog presentation of information. ≤ +/- 1 digit from the least significant digit in digital presentation of information.

Useful articles

PSC Inspection Analysis (2019-2020)

PSC Inspection Analysis (2019-2020)

Based on Paris MOU reports