MIC-2 is a multimeter designed to measure AC parameters in three-phase and two-phase networks.
This multimeter can be used as a data transmission device to the monitoring system of a power plant. All measurements are available via RS-485 Modbus interface. Ethernet or Profibus DP interfaces are also available as options.
The measured parameters are displayed on the built-in liquid crystal display, which has 4 lines and a white backlight with an automatic shutdown function after a specified time.

MIC multimeter is a microprocessor-based measuring device that measures electrical quantities in a three-phase network. There are two types:
  • MIC 4002 (basic)
  • MIC 4224 (additional I / O)
The MIC type multimeter can be used both as a measuring device and as a remote read / write device, where all measurements are transmitted to the control system via a serial interface.
MIC has an RS485 interface for communicating with a control system via Modbus RTU.
The built-in LCD display, showing parameters, has a blue backlight, the turn-on time of which can be adjusted to suit your convenience.

The MIB multimeter is a universal measuring instrument suitable for any three-phase network. The MIB measures the RMS values ​​of various electrical networks with the output of the parameters on the integrated LCD display.
MIB multimeter types:
  • MIB 7000 (basic)
  • MIB 7000C (basic + Modbus RS485 interface)
  • MIB 7020 (basic +2 digital outputs).

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