DC current shunts

DC current shunts
Shunt resistors manufactured by DEIF are designed to convert direct current into a voltage measurement signal. The shunts are connected in series in the circuit and are used to expand the measurement range of DC ammeters.

  • Accuracy class: 0.5 (in the range -10 ... 15 ... 30 ... 55 ° C), according to IEC 51 and EN 60051
  • Measured current: from 1 to 2500 A
  • Immunity to interference (EMC): According to EN 50081-1 / 2 and EN 50082-1 ​​/ 2; CE marking for civil and commercial applications, light industry and industrial premises
  • Temperature Coefficient: 0.05% / 10C. The shunt is calibrated at 75% of In
  • Overload: <250A - 10 x In for 5 sec. 250А <… <2000А - 5 х In for 5 sec. > 2000A - 2 x In for 5 sec.

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DC current shunts

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 Valves used on the ship: needle, knife, reverse. Valves used on the ship: needle, knife, reverse. Needle valves can be thought of as miniature check valves in which the disc is replaced with a needle.