High-precision LED synchroscope RSQ-3 is designed to control the synchronization process. This device measures the voltage of the busbars and the generator, their frequencies, and also compares the phase angles and the phase difference of these voltages. The position of the illuminated red LED indicates the phase difference between the generator and the mains. A full circle corresponds to an angular scale from 0 to 360 degrees.

  • Frequency range 40 ... 70 Hz (power supply)
  • Temperature -25 to 70 ° C (Operating)
  • Temperature influence: setpoint value: Max. ± 0.2% of full scale per 10 ° C
  • Input range: AC 100-127V ± 20%; 220-240V AC ± 20%; 380-415VAC ± 20%; 440-480 VAC ± 20%

Lamp synchroscope LSQ is designed to indicate the phase and voltage coincidence between the generator and the bus. The synchroscope is equipped with three LEDs that light up in a circle if all phase voltages are present. In the case when the phase and voltage of the generator correspond to the same values ​​in the bus, the upper LED turns off, and the other two light up at half intensity.

  • Measured voltage: 100-110V AC, 220-230-240V AC, 380-415-440V AC ± 20%
  • Frequency range: 40 ... 70 Hz
  • Temperature: -10 ... 55 ° C (nominal) -25 ... 60 ° C (operation) -25 ... 65 ° C (storage)
  • Measured current: 0 ... 4 mA per phase between VGEN and VBB

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