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Position indicator PIR25

Position indicators type PIR25 provide remote indication of the operating position of switches, circuit breakers, solenoid valves, relays, etc.

The electromagnetic mechanism controls the display disc. In the absence of voltage at the input, the disc takes a diagonal position. The principle of operation is as follows: when voltage is applied to one of the coils, the disc rotates in a clockwise direction, when voltage is applied to the other coil, the disc rotates in a counterclockwise direction.

  • Nominal voltages 24 - 48 - 110 - 230V AC / DC (AC and DC) (max.operating voltage - 300V)
  • Power consumption at Unom. 1.5 VA
  • Protection degree IP54

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Sources of Error

Sources of Error

Errors exist that distort the radar image so that it does not correctly display the information required by the navigator