Magnetoelectric instruments with scale illumination

Magnetoelectric instruments with scale illumination
There are three types of magnetoelectric instruments with illuminated dials / Rotation indicators from DEIF:
  • XL series instruments are panel analog voltmeters and DC ammeters with backlit scale and CAN protocol support. The devices use a microprocessor to process and normalize the signal. Its obvious advantages are high accuracy (class 0.5), reduced response time with practically no pointer ejection, excellent twisting moment of the x-coil system, direct pointer illumination, communication with the CAN bus, high shock resistance, more reliable design, rotation of the pointer by 360 ° etc.
  • rudder angle indicator TRI-2 - a magnetoelectric device with a moving coil and a three-section scale has three directional arrows mounted on a common axis. Thanks to them, the viewing angle for reading the instrument readings is increased to 250 degrees.
  • BRW-2 indicator is an XL series dial gauge in a waterproof case. BRW-2 is equipped with LED backlighting with built-in dimmer.

  • Accuracy class: 0.5;
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC;
  • Protective performance: IP52, IP66 (with gasket) for XL72, XL96, XL144, XL192 - front panel;
  • Operating temperature range: -25 ° C - + 70 ° C.

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