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The search for a life jacket "Planet"

The search for a life jacket "Planet"
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The search for a lifejacket and a hydro-thermo suit "Planet" is part of a set of marine life-saving appliances. It meets all the requirements of the international SOLAS - 74 convention, the LSA Code, the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Maritime Transport Facilities (approved by the Government Decree No. 620 of 12.08.2010), the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Inland Water Transport Facilities (approved by the RF Government Decree No. 623 from 12.08.2010), the Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, the Rules of the Russian River Register. It is made of materials resistant to rotting, corrosion and exposure to sea water, oil or fungi, vibration and conditions of stormy weather, sunlight.

The fire is in a splash-proof enclosure. Light source-LED. It has an electronic water sensor and switches on automatically when it enters the water. In the lower part of the body of the device are rectangular slots, through which the sensor comes into contact with water.

  • When using the fire, no special security measures are required.
  • Waterproof and not extinguished by water.
  • Service life is 6 years.


  • Product weight - no more than 220 g.
  • The length of the electric wire is from 0.2 to 0.4 m.
  • The burning time is 8 hours white color with a light intensity of at least 0.75 cd;
  • light source - LED;

Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS 

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