Red / white fender flare

Red / white fender flare
Red / white fender flare
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The red / white falcon of the FKO / FBO fire is a manual pyrotechnic device for delivering a light distress signal at any time of the day, as well as other signals of attracting attention.

It is on the mandatory list of signaling means for equipping sea and river vessels, for laying in life rafts and boats.

The body of the fassepair is made of plastic. In the body there is a pyrotechnic element and an ignition device. FKO / TFP is activated by a cord pull. The product gives a dazzling bright flame about 30 cm high. The flame flashes instantly. Works reliably even after immersion in water.

The red light firewall FKO / FBO (MKTA.771913.001TU) meets the requirements:

  • SOLAS 74/96;
  • The International Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA Code);
  • Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping;
  • Rules of the Russian River Register;
  • Technical Regulations on the Safety of Maritime Transport Facilities;
  • Technical regulations on the safety of inland water transport facilities.

The red fire flasher FK (TU 7275-153-07513406-2004) passed state tests with the military acceptance of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and was adopted to supply ships to the Navy.


  • Light intensity, not less than 15 000/10 000 cd
  • Burning time, not less than 60 sec / 20 s
  • The response delay time is 3 1 s.
  • Temperature range of application from -45 to +65
  • Length 220 mm
  • Diameter 38 mm
  • Weight, no more than 0,29 kg
  • Shelf life: falshfeyer FC 10 years; FCO / FWD falshwer 5 years
  • Probability of failure-free operation, not less than 0,9
  • Hazard class according to GOST R 51270 II

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