MT 150/140

MT 150/140
High Power MT 150/140 from the company Kockum Sonics - is a series of Typhon, suitable for boats from 75 to 200 meters long. Fully compliant with IMO requirements and complies with the requirements of COLREG-72, according to which all vessels of 12 meters in length and over shall be equipped with a sound-signaling device (ship Typhon).
It is important to observe the right catering accommodation Typhon, that nothing prevented the spread of the sound wave. Even a large deck surface may undesirably affect the propagation of sound like a well-known phenomenon of refraction of light waves. IMO advises to pay special attention to placing the siren on board and not only for the reasons mentioned above, but also to provide the required safety and permissible sound level at the observation post of the ship.
MT 150/140 actuated electrically, by means of 'rocker' piston. Oil-free gearbox ensures smooth operation. Typhon is quite easy to install and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
Tyfon consists of several moving parts such as 'swinging piston' and oil-free reducer (not used lubricant). Pipe with a unique vertical extension and a specially designed sound range will reduce the noise on the deck by 6-8 dB compared to the conventional siren with a round tube. MT 150/140 held by four screws M12. because Typhon is subject to vibration, for installation requires a flexible electrical cable near the motor. The connector on the M32 engine electrical box for cable ? 17-28 mm. Optional: M25 for cable ? 9-20 mm. Ship siren unit also comes with a contactor TK 80, which carries out the starting of the engine and protects it from overload. contactor unit also has a ventilation device which prevents condensation.
  • Drive - Electric compressor
  • The fundamental frequency - 140 Hz
  • The required frequency - 130 - 350 Hz
  • The minimum required level of IMO 1/3 octave at a distance of 1 meter - 138 dB
  • Electrical protection class - IP 56
  • Weight (approx.) - 68 kg