Series marine radar Icom IC-MR1200 consists of three models:

MR-1200RII - maximum range of 36 miles, the radome, 4kW
MR-1200TII - maximum range of 48 miles, antenna array open, 4 kW
MR-1200TIII - maximum range of 72 miles, antenna array open, 6 kW
Marine radar Icom IC-MR1200 features a large 12 'display, which are conveniently displayed surface objects. Radar has a NMEA 0183 input, which can be connected to the GPS-receiver or a compass.   IC-MR1200 Series are equipped with automatic tracking function (ATA), which allows you to build and predict the path of movement of up to 10 objects with the issuance of warning signals. Having two electronic bearings (cursor) (Electronic Bearing Lines) and two markers range (Variable Range Markers) allows you to watch two objects at a time. In standby mode to save power may stop scanning and display off at a certain time or until the object in the scene.
Radar series  IC-MR1200 imeeyu ability to customize the distance to obstacles at which the alarm will be triggered. If a court or other islands appear in the 'zone alarm' beep warns of a possible collision, even in power saving mode and when the display is off.
Onovnom function radar Icom IC-MR1200 :
  • 3 version of the scanner
  • Integrated ATA (Automatic Tracking purpose)
  • Customizable alarm when approaching obstacles
  • The 'man overboard' (MOB) allows you to mark the point where was a man
  • Automatic calibration 
  • Noise reduction function to reduce interference from other radars
  • Zoom image on the screen
  • Direction of the eigenvector

Comparison of characteristics of models Icom IC-MR1200RII, TII and TIII:

  MR-1200RII MR-1200TII MR-1200TIII
Minimum range 25m (if the measurement range of 1/8 mile)
Maximum range 36 nautical miles 48 nautical miles 72 nautical miles
Power Requirements 10.2-42V DC
Power consumption (at zero wind speed) 60W 70W 80W
Display Type TFT LCD 12.1 inch
Resolution 600 x 800 pixels
Operating Temperature Range -15 C to +55 C
Dimensions 300 x 323 x 119.2 mm;
Weight 4.3kg
Scanner 60cm grill gap waveguides
housing radome
120cm slotted waveguide grating
Peak output power 4kW 6kW
Rotational speed 24/36/48 rev / min 22/24/36/48 / min
Emission band (vert. / Mountains.) 22 / 4 25 / 2
Intermediate frequency 60MHz
Transmission frequency 9410MGts 30MHz
Operating Temperature Range -25 C to +70
Dimensions 607 x 243 x 607 mm; 1200 x 381 x 399 mm;
Weight 8 kg 17 kg


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