Digital repeater MTRD-104

MTRD-104 is a universal digital repeater, used as an optional component for the electromagnetic lag CALYPSO. The MTRD-104 is equipped with a graphical LCD display, which provides a user-friendly display of data. Data is received in NMEA 0183 messages and can be displayed in three formats: analog, digital and graphic. In digital form, up to four different types of data can be displayed on one screen. Also, 5 "virtual" screens that are accessible to the user can be individually configured.

The MTRD-104 repeater accepts and processes the following NMEA-sentences: $ xxAPB, $ xxBWC, $ xxBWR, $ xxDBK, $ xxDBS, $ xxDBT, $ xxDPT, $ xxGGA, $ xxGLC, $ xxGLL, $ xxGTD, $ xxHDT, $ xxHDG , $ xxHDM, $ xxMDA, $ xxMTW, $ xxMWV, $ xxRMB, $ xxRMC, $ xxVBW, $ xxVDR, $ xxVHW, $ xxVTG, $ xxVWR, $ xxVWT, $ xxXTE, $ xxZDA.

  • Power supply: 10-30V DC

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