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The navigator needs information about shallow water areas, obstructions, har¬bour positions and other nautical information. Much, but not all, of this may be found in charts

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Installation and repair service radar

For vessels, supervised the Russian River Register, Russian Maritime Register, etc., installation and repair of navigation equipment should be conducted by specialists with certificates of recognition of these registers. Just when installing new equipment, you will need to install the project agreed in branch classification society. 
Company 'Communication and navigation' is approved to repair equipment on vessels from four classification societies - RMRS, PPP, Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd (DNV and GL), Bureau Veritas (BV). Moreover, the company is certified by most manufacturers of radar systems. Specialists state constantly take courses and go for training in companies - manufacturers to update knowledge and learning new equipment. 
We offer a full range of services for shipboard radar: 
  • Installation and commissioning of radar 
  • Development and coordination of project documentation in the Registers 
  • Fault detection equipment and Troubleshooting 
  • Current repair radar (on a ship) and service stations 
You can call the professionals to repair radar by sending a request by e-mail cirspb@mail.ru. For questions contact the Customer Service Department by phone in St. Petersburg (+7 812) 445-27-01 and 79045531441, Petrozavodsk: (+7 8142) 57-80-30 and (+7 8142) 57-00-03 

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