Combined Repeater Amesys RGD 100

RGD 100 is a combined repeater manufactured by Amesys, designed to display information coming from the lag. The RGD 100 is an optional component of the electromagnetic lags of the CALYPSO series.

Combined repeater RGD 100 has a waterproof case with a size of 144 x 144 mm. The brightness adjustment is on the front panel. RGD 100 displays:

  • digital and pseudo-analog speed;
  • distance traveled / resetable;
  • distance traveled / no reset possibility;
  • log status (test signals).
This repeater has 4 modifications:
  • type PVBEN295-05 (RS232, 115 VAC)
  • type PVBEN295-01 (RS422, 115 VAC)
  • type PVBEN295-02 (RS422, 220 VAC)
  • type PVBEN295-03 (RS422, 28 VDC)
  • Power supply: 24 V DC
  • Option: 220 V AC or 115 V AC

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