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Additional equipment for VDR Danelec

  • In order to place an order for additional Danelec equipment, contact the manager by e-mail  sales@cirspb.ru
  • If you have any questions, please call: in St. Petersburg (+7 812)  679-09-10 
  • in Petrozavodsk (+7 8142) 57-80-30 and (+7 8142) 57-00-03.
Np / n Description Applicable to
DM100   DM100 S-VDR DM100 L-VDR

Interface Module     

1302788   Compact touch interface module, 8-channel analog x    
1302928   Compact sensor module, 16-channel analog x    
1303014   Modular Modular Sensor Kit x    

Remote data interface        

1303220 Remote data interface RDI 24-001D, digital x x x
1303222 Remote data interface RDI 08-001A, analog x x x
1303223 Remote data interface RDI 08-001S, serial x x x

Remote video  interface

1302358 Remote video interface RVI 02-004 (PoE) for analog video x x x
1302365 Remote video interface RVI 02-004D (PoE) for digital video x x x
1000723 Remote video interface RVI 02-004 (mains) for analog video x x x
1302152 Remote video interface RVI 02-004D (AC power) for digital video x x x

Remote Audio Interface    

1302859 Remote audio interface RAI 08-001 (PoE), audio 8ch x    

Extended data storage    

1302222 Network Storage NAS 01-001 512 GB HDD x x x
1302223 Network Storage NAS 01-001 1TB HDD x x x
1302224 Network Storage NAS 01-001 256 GB SSD x x x
1302225 Network Storage NAS 01-001 512 GB SSD x x x
1302226 Network Storage NAS 01-001 1TB SSD x x x

Remote Ship Server

1303061 Remote Ship Server x x x

Converters / Converters

1303803 Converter for Broadgate VER3000 x x  
1303783 Converter for Broadgate VER4000 x x  
1303830 Converter for Consilium M4 x x  
1303810 Converter for Consilium S1, F1 x x  
1303920 Converter for Danelec DM200 / DM400 and Sperry VMIII x x  
1303725 Converter for Danelec DM300 / DM500 and Sperry VMII x x  
1303661 Converter for Furuno VR-3000 x x  
1303433 Converter for Furuno VR-5000 x x  
1303892 Converter for HMT-100 x x  
1304208 Converter for Highlander HLD-B2 / HLD-S2 x x  
1303911 Hyundai HiVDR-E Converter x x  
1303687 Converter for Interschalt IS G4 x x  
1303637 Converter for Interschalt IS (AVECS G3) MER VDR x x  
1303649 Converter for JRC JCY-1000 x x  
1303614 Converter for JRC JCY-1700 x x  
1303754 Converter for JRC JCY-1800 x x  
1303728 Converter for Kelvin Hughes NDR2002 and Manta Digital x x  
1303762 Converter for Maris 2000 x x  
1303898 Converter for Netwave NW-4000 x x  
1303423 Converter for Netwave NW-6000 x x  
1303618 Converter for Rutter VDR-100G1 (if the old cabinet is not used again) x x  
1303896 The light converter for Rutter VDR-100G1 (only with the number 1303825) x x  
1303565 Converter for Rutter VDR-100G2 (for DPU) x x  
1303573 Converter for Rutter VDR-100 G2 / G3 (for DAU) x x  
1303516 Converter for Rutter VDR-100G3 (for DCU) x x  
1303463 Converter for SAM DEBEG 4300 x x  
1303530 Enhanced conversion kit for Samsung SVDR G1 (for complex installations) x x  
1303385 Enhanced conversion kit for Samsung SVDR-3000 (for complex installations) x x  

Set conversion for Samsung SVDR-3000

x x  
1303390 Set for conversion Sperry G1 (if the old cabinet is not used again) x x  
1303840 Set for converting light for Sperry G1 (only with number 1303825) x x  
1303808 Set for converting STI 1000 / Votel VDR x x  
1304041 Set for conversion STX-5000 x x  
1303893 The conversion kit for Totem 1.1 / 1.2 (if the old cabinet is not used again) x x  
1303894 Set for light conversion for Totem 1.1 / 1.2 (only for 1303825) x x  
1303895 Conversion Kit for Totem 1.3 x x  
1303558 Transformation Kit for Transas 3200 VDR / L3 x x  

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