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IVEP-28 - is a single charger designed to supply power to the battery KNB-15H. The storage capacity is 2100 mAh, the charge time is up to 2 hours.
The device is suitable for use with radio stations Granite:
  • P-41
  • 2P-41
  • P-43
  • 3P-43
  • 2P-44
  • 2P-45
The KNB-15H battery is powered by an AC 220 V network through a special network adapter. The power consumption is not more than 20 W. The additional possibility of memory is the charge of the battery in the station.
  • Battery charge time - 2 hours
  • Capacity - 2100 mAh
  • Power - 20 W
  • Power supply - 220 V 50 Hz AC

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