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Power supply Hercules 10

Power supply Hercules 10
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Power supply HERCULES-10 is intended to provide the electrical network of 220 V, 50 Hz unregulated DC 24 different radio and navigation equipment with a current consumption of up to 10 A. In the absence of, or a significant drop in line voltage, the PSU automatically switches to backup power from 24 batteries. The transition to the mode of operation of the backup source is accompanied by closing the relay contacts to signal to an external alarm device, as well as LED indication on the PSU.
Level margin voltage drop in the electrical network controlled by the output voltage to a load mounted on the board and a variable resistor R4. With the help of a resistor, if necessary, this level can be changed in the range 12-17,5 V. The factory setting corresponds to 16.5 V.
HERCULES-10 is equipped with a built-in alarm management, which feeds the control signal to the external actuators light / buzzer. It is built on the principle of circuit 'dry contact' relay in the circuit with a voltage up to 250 V and load current up to 8 A. There are connectivity options as circuit and open circuit on the external alarm.
  • Supply voltage AC 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Output voltage of 24 VDC, ± 15%
  • Maximum load current 13 A
  • Nominal load current 10 A (load calculation is carried out on the basis of the nominal load current)
  • Rated power 190W
  • Ripple 2
  • Number of terminals for connected loads 2 pcs.
  • Operating temperature -15 .. +55 C °
  • Storage temperature -60 .. +70 C °
  • Dimensions 263 x 158 x 75 mm
  • Degree of protection IP 42
  • Weight 3.5kg

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