Replacing old kinescopes with old radars on LCD displays


Replacing old kinescopes with old radars on LCD displays

Electromagnetic tubes are used in most of the old indicators radar mounted on a huge number of ships worldwide. But few people know about the dangers of CRT:

  • Electromagnetic radiation. In the old TV negligible effect on the body, as usually the person is at a distance. But when working with radar operator located at a minimum distance, because constantly requires adjustment of data, images, withdrawal options.
  • Ionizing radiation. Occurs when the screen is bombarded with electrons.
  • Flicker. Until the formation of the frame phosphor particles have time to go out, so you can watch the 'flicker'. The higher the frame rate, the less noticeable flicker. Very simple to verify peripheral vision. Low frequency leads to eye fatigue and damage to health, including migraine attacks.
  • Smudged. The picture on the CRT is more diffuse than on other types of screens. Blurred image as well as promotes and shimmer eye fatigue.
  • Toxic substances. In CRT barium compounds are used in the cathodes, phosphors. CRT disposed of in many countries on individual sites.
  • Risk of explosion. With strong damaged tube.

 That's not all. For normal operation of the CRT picture tube requires an intact board and board sweep. Many radar systems these boards will not find, because production of long passed for new types of hardware. Owners have to spend huge amounts of money to find and replace data cards that are broken every year since element base worn. Also eventually phosphor burn off and CRT can see the picture, which, as it is printed. Brightness is lost and the image is difficult to understand.

 Our company is updating the old radar indicators . Made off boards scan CRT board, CRT dismantling and installation of a new radar old frame of the LCD. Quality and clarity of the radar significantly improve the image will not flicker and distort. Also, the operator can make any image adjustments like on a normal computer display. Adjust brightness, contrast, turn on and off the monitor separately from the processing unit .

Pros LCD display in your:

  • Minimal effect on the body
  • Matte surface LCD display does not reflect bright light sources, which provides excellent visibility in bright light.
  • Enable / disable separately from the processing unit. Radar is constantly at work.
  • Adjust the picture under each specific operator.
  • Durability
  • Save on repairs

At the moment, we can replace CRTs in the following types of radar:

  • Nucleus 2 5000T

  • Nucleus 2 5000R

  • Bridgemaster II (for small and large display)

  • Bridgemaster E

  • Atlas 1000

  • Furuno FR 2115

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