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Icom IC-M24

Out of production

Marine portable radio Icom IC-M24 is executed in a very lightweight compact package, allowing transceiver does not sink in water. When released into water Icom IC-M24 activates the LED flicker, even if the power is off. 
The housing is made in accordance with the standard IPX7, thereby protects against ingress of water. The six buttons on the front panel provide the most simple control radio. Large LCD display with backlight significantly simplifies the operation of IC-M24 in the dark. built-squelch, which is required in areas with high background noise or during a strong wind at sea. 
Powered radio IC-M24 is provided by lithium-ion battery pack, BP-266 with a voltage 3.7 V. The new scheme allowed transmitter output stage to provide up to 5 watts of output power and up to 600 mW of power audio output, even at such a low level voltage. In power saving mode when the duration of a single transceiver charge cycle is 10 hours. 
Key features: 
  • Channel scan list, 
  • Transmitter power level adjustment, 
  • Quick access to the emergency channel, 
  • Monitoring two channels simultaneously and three, 
  • Auto Squelch. 
  • Two levels of 1 W / 5 W 
  • Compact size and light weight 
  • Battery Li-Ion, 1500 mAh, 3.7 V 
  • Powerful speaker - 600 mW 
  • Large LCD (32 x 16 mm) displays all the necessary information 
  • Quick access to the channels 16 and 9, as well as the priority calling channel 
  • Charge level indicator indicates the remaining battery capacity 
  • The keypad lock feature 
  • Volume level indicator / squelch 
  • Large speaker on the front panel of the radio 
  • Programmable audio signal for each button 
  • Auto-cleaning water from the speaker (AquaQuake) 
Specifications Icom IC-M24: 
  • Frequency band 156.025-163.275 (transmission), 156.05-163.275 (reception) MHz 
  • Maximum transmitter power of 5 W 
  • Food Li-Ion 1500 mAh 
  • Dimensions 59x129x35 mm 
  • Weight 260 gr

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