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Portable radio Standard Horizon HX870E

Standard Horizon HX870E - is a completely new wearable radio having DSC Class D. Built-in 66 channel WAAS / GPS receiver provides navigation to waypoint and transmit the DSC distress alert. The radio provides input and store up to 200 waypoints, 20 routes of titles and channels. To quickly access the most commonly used 10 channels, a special button on the radio housing. Other features are a priority scan, double / triple listening, inquiry and dispatch positions.
The high degree of watertightness complies with IPX8 standard. When injected into the water does not sink and radio in her body flashing light is activated. The device can withstand 30 minute dive to a depth of 1.5 meters. High performance is achieved thanks to Li-ion battery 1800 mAh.
Housing radio features a large LCD screen diagonal of 2.3 '. The screen displays all relevant navigation information, such as SOG, COG, BRG, DST and the position of 9 vessels (function group monitoring). HX870E has an intuitive menu and easy to use interface.
  • DSC - Class D
  • Protection rating - IPX8
  • GPS - Built-in 66-channel WAAS receiver
  • Display size - 2.3 '
  • Output Power - 6 Watt
  • Power - Li-Ion Battery 1800 mAh
  • Interfaces - NMEA Output: DSC, DSE, GLL, RMC, GSA, GSV and GGA