MG5218 X-Band Magnetron

MG5218 X-Band Magnetron
MG5418 X-Band Magnetron - a magnetron constructed in accordance with technology EEV, which ensures safety in handling and operation. MG5418 X-Band Magnetron operates at frequencies 9410 ± 30 MHz. This equipment is manufactured on the principle of maximum limits in contact with high voltage circuits and all high voltage circuits and terminals are hidden. Equipped with emergency button to turn off the power supply in the event of a device failure.
Specifications:                                                                MG5218 X-Band Magnetron
  • The operating frequency - 9410 ± 30 MHz
  • Maximum peak power - 25 kW
  • IECUBR100
  • Cooling - natural
  • The indirectly heated cathode
  • Heater voltage - 6.3 V
  • Current heater - 6,3 V - 0,55 A
  • Weight - 0.7 kg
  • Mounting position - Any
  • Minimum gap - 50 mm
  • Anode current (peak value) - 6.0 10 A
  • Power consumption (peak) - 6.0 kW
  • Power consumption (average) - 6.6 W


MG5218 X-Band Magnetron
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MG5218 X-Band Magnetron

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