Saura MR-150

Saura MR-150
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Saura MR- 150 - is a magnetic compass, river and sea approved register , and can be used on marine and river vessels as the main compass.
With a magnetic compass MR- 150 can use the sensor SCP-NT as a device for remote transmission rate.
In the case of sensor SCP-NT, information from it in NMEA format can be transferred to other devices , such as autopilots (eg SA- 10) , repeaters NRC-150P ( console mounted ) and NRC- 150 ( on the bracket ) .
  • compass reflex type ;
  • low binnacle just 550 mm;
  • length of the periscope as standard 720 mm ( extended ) , 650mm ( retracted );
  • available with the periscope of greater length ;
  • complete set of compensators deviation 'B' + 'C' ( polar deviation ), D ( quadrant deviation ), heeling deviation ( heeling error ) , as well as flinders bar ( latitudinal deviation );
  • lights compass rose using a dimmer ;
  • ease of maintenance .
  • no need for annual maintenance fluid replacement
  • unique ultra-reliable rotation assembly of rose , consisting of needles made of platinum-iridium alloy and reinforced response node on compass rose made of sapphire.
Certificate RRR
Certificate RMRS

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